Welcome to Consolata Hospital Nkubu

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  • Welcome to Consolata Hospital Nkubu

    Welcome to Consolata Hospital Nkubu

    Consoling with loving care

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    Our Services

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    Our consultants.

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    Private Wing

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    Private Maternity

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    cooporate section

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  • Nkubu School of Nursing

    Nkubu School of Nursing

    We equip our students with the required knowledge and skills, To produce quality nurses. Our September intake is ongoing. visit our website for more information https://consolatahospitalnkubu.or.ke/school-of-nursing/.

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Consolata Hospital Nkubu

Consolata Hospital Nkubu is a faith based health institution under the Catholic Diocese of Meru. It is one of the essential services of the apostolic mission of the Catholic Diocese of Meru.“Healing Ministry” The challenge of serious medical and maternity cases calling for admission led to the construction of a small hospital consisting of emergency room, maternity room and male and female wards in 1950. The sisters were overwhelmed by serious cases and therefore they invited the services of a doctor in 1951 called Dr. E William (Miss). To ensure consultancy of doctors the sisters engaged an NGO called CUAMM and the first doctor from NGO was sent in 1953 by the name Dr. Landra. The arrival of Dr. Anacleto Dal Lago in 1955 brought new energy and vision of the hospital by re-planning the hospital to cater for emergency needs and challenges. Over 60% of the current hospital structures were designed by him. These included: X-Ray department in 1957, the only service available in the whole of the region and medical ward in 1958.

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Inpatient service

Consolata Hospital Nkubu inpatient has the following departments: Medical ward, Surgical ward, Pediatric ward, Maternity Ward, Private ward and an Operating theatre.

Out patient services

Consolata Hospital Nkubu outpatient department has the following departments Accidents and emergency unit, Dental services, Maternity Clinic (MCH), Immunization services, Consultancy services, Comprehensive care clinic and Counselling services.


Consolata hospital Nkubu has the following departments: Laboratory, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Health records and Chaplaincy

School of nursing

We have a school of nursing with these facilities:, Well equipped skills training lab, Computer lab, Library services, teaching class rooms, Students hostels/discussion rooms, Conference halls, Staff offices, Transport services and a Playground.

Events, Activities and other services

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