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Consolata Hospital Nkubu is a faith based health institution under the Catholic Diocese of Meru. It is one of the essential services of the apostolic mission of the Catholic Diocese of Meru.“Healing Ministry”

Currently, it has a bed capacity of 270 with average bed occupancy of 85%. Because of improved services and management the hospital clientele is growing tremendously with active participation of community in decision making on all health service delivery

The hospital has also a training school for Kenya Registered Health Nurses with an enrollment of 165 students and 9 training Staff.

The Hospital vision.

To be a centre of excellence in health offering quality, accessible and affordable health services to all.

The Hospital Mission

To ensure provision and promotion of quality curative, preventive, rehabilitative and sustainable health services, upholding quality training and research in health sciences, to all in accordance with acceptable standards as envisioned by the Ministry of Health in Kenya, Meru County Standards, Catholic Medical ethics and Diocesan Statues particularly to the poor and underprivileged.”


Consolata Hospital Nkubu is a mission run health institution under the Catholic Diocese of Meru. It is situated in Imenti South District of Meru County, along Meru/Embu Highway. It was started by the Consolata Missionary Sisters in 1949 as an outreach services from Mujwa Mission under ‘Mukui’ tree. Due to influx of patients, the need for a shade and to organize the crowd led to the construction of a dispensary.

The challenge of serious medical and maternity cases calling for admission led to the construction of a small hospital consisting of emergency room, maternity room and male and female wards in 1950.

The sisters were overwhelmed by serious cases and therefore they invited the services of a doctor in 1951 called Dr. E William (Miss). To ensure consultancy of doctors the sisters engaged an NGO called CUAMM and the first doctor from NGO was sent in 1953 by the name Dr. Landra.

The arrival of Dr. Anacleto Dal Lago in 1955 brought new energy and vision of the hospital by re-planning the hospital to cater for emergency needs and challenges. Over 60% of the current hospital structures were designed by him. These included: X-Ray department in 1957, the only service available in the whole of the region and medical ward in 1958.

The challenge of maternity cases initiated the constitution of midwifery training school in 1958, to train Kenya Enrolled Midwives. Dr. Anacleto left in 1962 and was replaced by his assistant, Dr. Caselli.

From 1963, the hospital responded to the emerging needs either by expanding the structures or renovating to accommodate the services or improve.

The coming of MISEREOR in early 80s to late 90s brought a significant change in hospital in terms of infrastructure. All the modern structures i.e. the hostels, theatre, staff quarters etc. are a product of MISEREOR and other well-wishers.

The success of Consolata Sisters was based on their vision and mission ‘to bring consolation to the sick and relatives’ so they were community-based services and therefore, remained relevant and effective in their service delivery. Due to demand of the Consolata sister’s services in other parts of the world, they left the hospital in October 1997 for the Diocese of Meru to continue offering essential services.

In October 1997 to December 2011 the Hospital was under the Diocesan Medical office managed by the lay professionals. In January 2012, the Diocesan Medical office under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Silas Mwiti took over the Hospital Administrative functions and gave the facility a new outlook up to date.

The facility embarked on restructuring the infrastructure by building a new outpatient bay, administration block, part of paediatric wing and part of emergency wing to ease congestion and flow of patients based on the Vision and Mission strategic direction.