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Comprehensive care clinic


It is a department within the hospital that, mainly majors in assisting clients affected by the HIV/AIDs epidemic. It is subdivided into the following subsections:-

a)      HTS: – involves testing of clients.

b)      PMTCT: – Prevention of mother to child transmission.

c)      TB Clinic: – Diagnosis and treatment of TB cases.

d)      Care and treatment: – Monitoring of clients who turned HIV Positive.

e)      Pharmacy: – Dispensing of drugs.

f)       Nutrition: – Offering nutritional services to clients in the clinic.

g)      Records: – Data entry, storage and reporting.

The team is composed of clinicians, nurses, pharmaceutical technologist, records officer and adherence officers.

1.      Comprehensive care centre does the following services.

i.                    Free HIV/Aids investigations.

ii.                  HTC services in PMTCT, VCT, PITC and HBTC.

iii.                PEP and PREP services.

iv.                Comprehensive HIV management for adults and children.

v.                  Enhanced adherence counseling.

vi.                Adolescent package of care (APOC)

vii.              TB/Chest clinic services.

viii.            Nutrition services.

ix.                Cervical cancer screening services.

x.                  Palliative care.

xi.                Differentiated care

xii.              Data entry.

xiii.            Data reporting.

xiv.            Psychosocial support.