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Newborn Unit


1.      New-born unit: – In this department we deal with babies born prematurely or those who need special care are equally admitted and barrier nursed accordingly.

The department has very qualified staff as follows: – Consultant obstetrician gynecologist, a medical officer, clinical officers and clinical interns, 18 nurses and student nurses. Most of our clients use NHIF medical services to cater for their medical bills. We keep encouraging our clients who do not have NHIF medical scheme services to acquire them.

The department offers the following services: –

1.      Admission of mothers in established labour.

2.      Performing vaginal examination of mothers in labour for the purpose of monitoring labour progress.

3.      Monitoring maternal and fetal well being through taking vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, respiratory rate, temperature and fetal heart rate.

4.      Conducting deliveries in the labour ward.

5.      Resuscitation of newborns born with low APGAR score.

6.      Admission of sick babies in newborn unit.

7.      Preparation of mothers for emergency and elective caesarean section.

8.      Care and treatment of mothers and babies after delivery in post-natal and maternity surgical ward such as administering treatment wound care.

9.      Health education to mothers on care of their babies, nutrition, hygiene, danger signs post delivery and immunization.

10.  Post natal follow up for mothers and babies after discharge.

11.  Providing provider initiated testing and counseling for mothers.

12.  Post –abortal care for patients admitted with incomplete abortions such as MVA, dilatation and curretage.