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Health Records.

This is the department that deals with effective record keeping and management services, it ensures that information is properly managed and is available whenever needed and whatever there is a justified need for that information. i.e.: –

  • Support patient care and continuity of care.
  • Support evidence based clinical practice and management.
  • Support sound administrative and managerial decision making.
  • Support other legal requirements.
  • Supports medical claims reimbursement. i.e NHIF, Linda Jamii and other insurance companies.
  • Supports clinical audit. i.e maternal deaths, neonatal deaths and others.
  • Support data need for research purposes.

In reference to the above, all files are labeled with a name, date of birth, in patient number and entered into a patient database (E.M.R) electronic medical records database.

Non active files for the last ten years have are weeded and achieved in records stores. All files are color coded for easy filling and retrieval. The record officer continues to work closely with clinical and nursing management team to try and restore issues on the management of records and improve services.

The records office offers the following services: –

  1. Records processing. i.e Recapture of patient/clients admissions etc.
  2. Registration of patients.
  3. Maintenance of medical records and confidentiality of patient’s information.
  4. Filing and retrieving patient files whenever needed by a Doctor or client.
  5. Coding and indexing diseases according to the international classification of diseases (ICD-10).
  6. Collection, analysis and dissemination of health information.
  7. Clinic preparation.
  8. Generation of ministry of health (MOH) reports and other hospital management reports.
  9. Reporting through DHIS 2, platform directly to the ministry of health from facility level.
  10. Training and mentoring students on attachment.
  11. Budgeting and procuring of all medical forms and patient files.
  12. Data entry.