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Surgical ward


Surgical ward is a department within the Hospital. It has both male and female wards.

It has the following sections/units: –

i)                    General ward.

ii)                  Orthopedic ward.

iii)                Critical ward.

iv)                Burn unit.

v)                  POP room.

The surgical ward is under the care of two dedicated resident surgeons, 15 KRCHN nurses, and 7 students’ nurses from Nkubu School of nursing and 4 support staff. It has 94 bed capacity and 70% bed occupancy.

Surgical department offers many services which are complex and others not complex.

Simple services include the following: –

1.      Wound cleaning and dressing.

2.      Simple fractures which are manipulated manually and applied P.O.P.

3.      Care of patients having undergone laparactomy.

4.      Care of patients done stentiry.

5.      Care of patients having undergone prostatectomy.

Complex services include the following: –

1.      Catheterization of female and male patients with retention of urine.

2.      Care of patient having undergone craniotomy.

3.      Care of patient with head injury after RTA.

4.      Care of patient with compound fractures.

5.      Vacuum dressing.

6.      Care of patient having undergone amputation.

7.      Biopsies removal.

8.      Underwater seal drainage done to patients with haemothorax and pneumothorax.