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This is a special and delicate unit of the OPD whereby it deals with children under five years of age and Antenatal mothers offering the following services: –

A.     Antenatal Clinic (ANC)

Maternal profile is carried out whereby the following is done: –

i)                    ANC number is issued.

ii)                  Name of the client, parity, Height and weight.

iii)                Last day of the menstrual period in order to have the expected date of delivery.

iv)                Marital status, level of education, occupation.

v)                  Address of the client.

vi)                Next of kin and contact telephone number and address.

B.     Medical and surgical history with five physical examination done

C.     Antenatal Profile.

–          Screening for malaria parasites, haemogram, venereal disease research laboratory, grouping and Rhesus factor (MPS, HB, VDRI, and GXMARCH) hepatitis B surface antigen.

D.     Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT).

E.      Health education: – Outreach clinics offers preventive, curative and promotive services, follow ups in the rural areas and school health programs.

It covers the following areas: –

i)                    Individual birth plan for safe and health delivery.

ii)                  Care during pregnancy.

iii)                Danger signs during pregnancy.

iv)                Guidelines on healthy eating.

v)                  Dental health for both mother and baby.

vi)                Importance of record keeping. i.e antenatal record and child record.

vii)              Guidelines on breastfeeding.

F.      Preventive services.

–          All antenatal clients receive the required number of tetanus toxoid.

G.    Post natal care: –



i)                    Vital observations are taken and recorded. i.e blood pressure, pulse rate.

ii)                  General physical examination. i.e breast examination, Lochia amount and smell, involution of the uterus.

iii)                Condition of the caesarian scar or episiotomy if present.

iv)                Vagina examination.

v)                  HIV status or retest.

vi)                Counseling of family planning.

vii)              Guidelines on breast feeding.

viii)            Health education on weaning.



i)                    Vital observations. i.e temperatures, pulse rate and weight.

ii)                  Starting of immunization. i.e BCG, and oral polio.

iii)                General physical examination. i.e healing of umbilical stump.

iv)                Breastfeeding position and attachment.

v)                  PCR at 6 (six) weeks.

vi)                HEI – infant ART prophylaxis and contrimoxazole initiation.

vii)              Ensuring civil registration is done.

viii)            Early identification of impairments and disabilities.

ix)                Growth monitoring.



Children under five years of age are offered the following services: –


–          BCG vaccine.

–          Oral Polio vaccine

–          Inactivated polio vaccine.

–          Pentavalent vaccine.

–          Preumococcal vaccine.

–          Rota virus vaccines (Rotarix).

–          Measles Rubella vaccine.

i.            Vit A supplements (6moths – 59 months).

ii.            Deworming (12M – 59Months).

iii.            Growth and monitoring (weight,MUAC, Height and length) (0-59 Months).

iv.            Referral of any sick child.

v.            Health messages on: –

–          Importance of vaccinations

–          Nutrition.

–          Hygiene.

–          Breastfeeding, weaning and follow up.

–          HEI- DBS PCR, rapid test and continuity of HAART.


Post natal testing and counseling is done to all post natal mothers bringing the children for immunization and follow up.