Welcome to Consolata Hospital Nkubu

Opening Hours : Monday to Sunday - 24/7
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Pharmacy department of Consolata Hospital Nkubu motto is to love and serve our patient with the very essential drugs though correct interpretation of medical prescription, creating interpersonal relationship between patients and Doctors in order to reach the poor and needy in the society. We have decided to include them in our circle of love through outreach program and mobile clinics.

We are focused to bring awareness, the preventive measure. We are concerned to give the proper knowledge on how to use the rational drugs, encourage clients to have faith in God who heals all our infirmities.

Pharmacy being central point of the hospital has all the standards required by the pharmacy and poisons board.

We regulate temperature of different drugs by using thermometers. Those require very low temperatures are on the refrigeration condition and those do not require very low temperature are monitored in order to maintain their expiry date.

Our pharmacy offers students for attachments come out very competitive in assisting the community because we have all the essential drugs required by the clients.