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Counseling Services


It’s a great pressure that our counseling services have improved from 2013 up to date. We have upgraded through testing as from that year we tested total of 600 patients per month but we had now an aggregate of 2300 per month. That’s make patient follow-up and linkage for those who are positive for enrolment. Connection between patient follow\up is up to the counselor.

Testing points and services offered has improved as service delivery points where there were only three points, In-patient service delivery point, VCT and MCH. We added the value through creating service delivery point like [CWC] Child welfare clinic, OPD. That’s improving quality testing and integration.

Quality testing and internal quality control: Our staff are well trained, as 2013 we had only one counselor doing proficiency testing [PT] through National Hiv Reference laboratory [NHRL].We managed to enroll more than 15 staffs in the programme. We also make sure our test kits are controlled before testing and no stock out.

Site management; before, the only supervision was done by county level. The managerial added the improvement thru other supporters like CDC and DREAM. They do their site improvement and monitoring system [SIMS], thrice per year. They scale thru giving percentage and we started with 63% and we rage to 93% aiming 100%.

Create employment; 2013 we had only one staff. The hospital has improved management thru employing more staffs. This enable the services to run smoothly thru avoiding staff turn over. These services help our hospital to improve its standard and make it the higher level.