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Mainly is the pastoral care for the sick, Doctors, Nurses, nursing students and the Children. Pastoral care of the sick involves spiritual or support of the sick. A spiritual care giver is called Chaplain.

Is pastoral care necessary at the Consolata Nkubu Hospital or any other health care facility?  World health organization (WHO) understands health as not obscene of physical illness. Focusing on the whole person: – Physical, Mental, social and spiritual. All are interrelated.

How do I approach this spiritual care? Just like a Doctor, I begin by doing spiritual assessment. I listen to get the spiritual needs of the patient.

They include; 

1.      Encouragement.

2.      Forgiveness

3.      Comfort.

4.      Prayers.

5.      Reconciliation

6.      Sacraments.

7.      Sacramental’s

8.      Love.

After I identify the needs, I identify the hopes that the patient have and help the patient to identify his/hers too.

Chaplain’s day like?.  Besides my spiritual guidance and pastoral counseling, Prayers, grief facilitation, Sacraments and sacramental’s e.g. Rosaries, Holy water, Bible etc.

a)      Give Support to the patients before and after surgery.

b)      Support before and after delivery.

c)      Counseling for those attempted suicide.

d)      Support to mothers and infants.

e)      Reconciliations with family members etc.

Some skills used by the chaplaincy office on services delivery.

1.      Listening skills.

2.      Empathy.

3.      Compassion.

4.      Patience.

The chaplaincy attends to all faithfuls always round the clock 24/7. i.e Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and all others.